TAMM Net is pleased to be affiliated with Preferred Health Strategies, Ltd. (PHS), PHS was formed in 1987 as a way of bringing payer expertise to all sectors of the pharmaceutical and device manufacturer industries. PHS’ principals come from the payer industry, both public and private, where they were involved in the development and operation of some of the largest managed care plans in the country. TAMM Net works with PHS to leverage our extensive relationships and in-depth knowledge of reimbursement, contracting and managed care to the benefit of our clients.


ASE is an International Consulting Firm with headquarters in Atlanta, USA. ASE was founded in 1992 to provide consulting services in Global Health (Child Survival, Disease Surveillance Systems, Emergency Health in disaster/war stricken areas, Epidemiology, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, MCH, TB, Tropical Medicine), Sports Development, and Environmental issues.


For introducing Chinese healthcare products to the U.S., please visit our affiliate Nielsen Health Market, LLC.

Patent Law Updates for the Medical Device Industry

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