From the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs to Indian Health Service, there are hundreds of U.S. hospitals that require no reimbursement and are often early adopters of new technology. TAMM Net prepares you by analyzing your product segment and competitive sales, purchasing vehicles like set-asides, and training your company to maximize its sales to these purchasers. It is not a fast process, but with the proper guide, you can realize significant sales from federal purchasers. From filing applications to negotiations, TAMM Net can help obtain a Distributions and Pricing Agreement (DAPA), and get you on the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS). We train your company in how to maintain compliance with appropriate government regulations. Once sales start, we can represent you at standardization committees, which can be leveraged into national contracts. We work in the field to guide your sales force through each facility and process, to identify and introduce fertile targets. TAMM Net works with all federal branches to facilitate sales through multiple mechanisms.

Keys to success:

  • Focus company resources to meet government requirements
  • Know which facilities use your product
  • Access to key decision makers
  • Create and organization that is government savvy
  • Register in DUNS and SAM
  • Understand the government revenue cycle
  • Develop policies and procedures for government proposals and compliance
  • Implement sales training program to meet federal purchasing requirements
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